Tribute to Tsjêbbe Hettinga

Tribute to Tsjêbbe Hettinga

Sunday April 28 there's a tribute in De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam to Frisian poet Tsjêbbe Hettinga who died recently. For het album Alter Nynke wrote and recorded the song Eftereach with him.

‘Slim simmer is it, en slimmeroan wurdt de hing nei dy’ 

Tsjêbbe Hettinga was one of our greatest poets. His name reaches far over the Dutch borders and he performed regularly at  international poetry festivals. His work is vital, unsentimental and epic. Evanescence, nostalgia, death and love, and the (Frisian) landscape, are sung by him greatly.

His poetry will be read in Frisian by poet Tsead Bruinja and singer Nynke Laverman, who will also sing the song Eftereach together with Sytze Pruiksma on the piano. Writer David van Reybrouck speaks his in memoriam that he wrote for the funeral and Jabik Veenbaas, translater, shows the power of the poems. At last there is a contribution of film maker Pieter Verhoeff and beautiful material from the documentary 'Yn dat sykjen sûnder finen' which he made about Hettinga. In between there is music of saxophone and percussion duo Sax & Stix. Presentation: Tommie van Eck. 

Sunday April 28, 3.00 pm, Big Hall
Entree: 12,50 / Order tickets

April 23, 2013