De MaisfrouSpesjale edysje

De Maisfrou

cd, 2006, FAMA


After the quiet melancholy of her debut Sielesâlt Nynke Laverman shows more colors on her second album De Maisfrou. The lyrics about love and surrender were written especially for this project by the Frisian poet Albertina Soepboer and some by Nynke herself. The songs, inspired by the Spanish, Mexican and Argentinian idiom, are composed by Fernando Lameirinhas, Theo Nijland, Tiago Machado, Wende Snijders and others. Nynke developed the musical arrangements together with her musicians Sytze Pruiksma (percussion), Ward Veenstra (guitar) and Joël Groenewold (double bass). Sebastiaan Koolhoven wrote the string quartet arrangements.

Extended with bonustrack Hambre del alma

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