June 10

Oranjewoudfestival - Pynarello meets Nynke Laverman

Pynarello describes itself as a club of rebels that blows in like a whirlwind through a china shop. Classical music doesn’t have to remain the same: it can be more exciting, more spontaneous, more direct, and doesn’t need a conductor or sheet music. Pynarello: the next generation.

During the closing Prinsenwijk Concert, this club of rebels will have a special encounter with Nynke Laverman, one of Friesland’s most colourful singers. You’ll hear Mendelssohn and Ravel as well as a colourful medley of songs like the LF2018 theme song, ‘Seis Oere Thús’ (Home at Six), ‘Little Water Song’ and ‘Hallelujah’. Classical meets pop - Europe meets Friesland.

16.00 - 17.00 FB Oranjewoud Stage
Free entrance

Show starts at 4:00 pm