Over a period of a year, she will release her new album Plant song by song, each accompanied by a podcast. Together with radio producer Lex Bohlmeijer (De Correspondent), she will interview scientists, philosophers, activists, travellers and other performing artists who inspire her. The first guests are environmental philosopher Matthijs Schouten, art historian/climate activist Eva Rovers and psychiatrist/philosopher Damiaan Denys.    

After the first single, Your Ancestor, the song Tree Tree will be released on 20 November, with a clip made by video artist Douwe Dijkstra. In the accompanying podcast, environmental philosopher Matthijs Schouten explains how our Western view of the world completely determines the way we treat our environment: “When we walk through a forest, we see a collection of trees that can be chopped down, whereas the Karen in Myanmar, for instance, see trees as living presences with whom they communicate.” He finds the song Tree Tree fascinating “because it reflects a world view that is at odds with our Western outlook. In the West, we don’t ask trees questions. But if we want a durable future for humanity, I think we need to internalise this world view again.”    

Plant will continue to grow until the end of September 2021, when the entire album, plus one extra track, will be released as a CD in a beautifully designed 10-inch cover. On 15 October 2021 Plant will premiere at DeLaMar in Amsterdam.