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Remember Cassandra?
Daughter of Priam, King of Troy, back in the old Greek days
Apollo, one of the gods in town, asked her to share his bed
She accepted the offer but instead of laying down her head
She asked him for the gift of prophecy in return
Apollo fixed it right away and came to collect what he had earned
But then she turned him down and walked away
Filled with rage he summoned her asking for just one last kiss
Cassandra offered him her lips in order not to make it worse
But when his burning lips touched hers he turned his gift into a curse
By spitting in her mouth he ensured that she would not be heard
That her predictions would be mocked that no-one would believe her words
And so it happened that Cassandra warned time and time again
Of future ill, the fall of Troy, but all her efforts were in vain
Though her predictions were all true she could not prevent
The Trojan horse from riding in killing her dad and all his men
Who had laughed at her and called her names: prophet of doom declared insane
You sense the wind of change Cassandra
Long before the others do
How come we laugh away your words
And simply turn our backs on you
If you had kept your promise 
Would we have listened 
If you had kept your promise Cassandra
Would we have listened to you
If you had kept your promise
Remember Cassandra?

Lyrics & performance Nynke Laverman | Music Nynke Laverman & Sytze Pruiksma | All instruments Sytze Pruiksma, except: bass Peter Sijbenga | Musical production & recording Sytze Pruiksma | Mix Harry Zwerver | Mastering Darcy Proper


Plant, 2021


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