Inspiration Mongolia

Nynke already has six albums and corresponding theatre productions to her name. For her debut album, Sielesâlt (‘Soul Salt’), consisting of Frisian fado music, she receives a Gold Record and the literary Piter Jelles Prize. In 2007 she goes on tour with De Maisfrou (‘The Corn Woman’), created in Mexico, ending her tour at a sold-out Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Nynke’s stay in Mongolia forms the inspiration for Nomade (‘Nomad’), 2009, which is crowned with an Edison. In 2013 international recognition follows with Alter, an album Nynke records in Madrid with producer Javier Limón. The Evening Standard gives this powerful summary: ‘The language, landscape and sound world seem perfectly connected.’ In the months that follow, the singer performs at international festivals, including North Sea Jazz, WOMAD (UK), Women in (E)motion (D) and La Mar de Músicas (ES). 


Wachter (‘Guardian’) premiers at Holland’s Oerol Festival in 2016. It is an ode to the art of waiting, an art Nynke admits she hasn’t fully mastered yet herself. The Dutch newspaper Het Parool writes: ‘A powerful poet-singer has arisen’. Two years later Nynke inaugurates Leeuwarden Cultural Capital of Europe 2018, while exploring new disciplines in the short film One of Us.


The many journeys Nynke makes leave their traces in her music, especially her stay with a nomad family in Mongolia. Their impassioned way of life and their close, respectful relationship to nature leave a deep impression. Since then, our (Western) relationship to our environment has been a recurring theme in her work.

Musical Journey

In 2021 she launches in a 'slow release' her latest album Plant, an immersive musical journey on which she explores the derailed relationship between humans and Earth. For two seasons she tours the Netherlands with the live performance of Plant, which the press calls hypnotic, like a musical film in which you get lost. Spoken word plays a major part, and more than ever she inhabits the finest register of her voice: there where it becomes almost a whisper.