New Path

Musically speaking too, Nomad is new territory for Nynke: for the first time she composes the music herself, together with guitarist Ward Veenstra, who also produces the album. Coming after the fado and Latin-American styles, this new work is marked by elements of Western pop music, Frisian brass-band sounds, and beats & electronics. The other members of the musical team are Sytze Pruiksma (percussionist/co-producer), Sebastiaan Koolhoven (string arrangements), Reyer Zwart (bass) and Maarten Helsloot (keys). The strings and the wind instruments are recorded in Prague with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Part of the album is mixed by Ward Veenstra and part by the Icelandic producer Valgeir Sigurdsson. Tim Young does the mastering in London. Nomade wins an Edison (pop / theater) in 2010.

Reviews of Nomad

“Two single-minded young women are currently enriching Dutch music: Wende Snijders and Nynke Laverman. Both are averse to easy successes and are looking for new ways, or rather: paving new ways.”
- De Noordoostpolder - Job Degenaar

“It is a breathtakingly beautiful album with a great many fine surprises. Extremely varied and extremely beautiful. Highly recommended.” - MOORS Magazine

“Not easy listening, since Nynke avoids comfortable melodies. But she creates an imposing sound world; searching for herself, she creates a beautiful, if at times slightly abstract, sound.” - Jacob Haagsma, De Leeuwarder Courant